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About The Halfling project 2020 Vision

The Key Location

About 2020 vision.

2020 Vision is about the creative mind, it's about personal confidence and achievement. Whether one to one or duo group activity the project is set to encourage personal self-discovery and have some fun in the process.

It is designed to be a positive work - with a "we can do this" attitude.

Without ignoring the many dark aspects of life we set on a journey to understand and build upon talent and potential - be it in confidential one to one meetings or with drama solo or in groups. 

Photography and sound recording is included too, with the ultimate aim of producing work within InvisAble Me for open viewing.

Overseen as always by William David this is an informal way of dealing with what life throws at you and moving forward.


Although the Halfling Project operates in more than one location - it's key place of meeting and work is at "the Station"

Opened in 1846 it still has the Bedford to Bletchley rail branch line and a rather nice tea room. The station also has a small museum in the form of The old ticket Office, and Heritage Centre.

When the project first moved to the Station the station was given the fictional name "Halfpenny Halfling" and that's the name on the sign outside.

Easy to get to located by the side of Junction 14 of the M1 it has served the project well. 

It is a compromise - it was never thought 5 years ago that video would now be key work. Space can be limited and it's not as soundproof as we would like - but somehow it works.