the halfling project


The power of drama within The halfling project

For The Halfling project simple drama is a powerful tool in the box. It allows those taking part to observe themselves and those around them in a more impartial way - as characters and situations introduced within drama.

This should not be confused with role play - often forced on an individual particularly in training and special needs environments, and often the cause of anxiety and dread.

For the drama to work it has to be willingly received - so much of my early work is that introduction to acting and drama.

Although a lot of my work is with actors/drama students - so they obviously are happy taking part - a lot is not, and it is fantastic to see someone's confidence and personal development grow through the drama process.

Drama within The Halfling Project is intentionally kept simple from the start - advancing to act4ward and InvisAble Me if and when the time is right.

No one is ever forced to take part and that is very important.

In addition to drama on video - we also have drama sound only and characters created as part of a photo shoot.

The advantage of this mixed media approach is those taking part have this work to keep and that can be very

beneficial longterm. 

If it is open work it can also be seen by others and many take pride in that.

Those taking part can work solo or with others and each person has individual work set out for them to ensure they really benefit and enjoy the time with the project.





3 examples of simple drama within a given scenario. Here James and Luke illustrate how the process can build - building up to more scripted and controlled drama. Drama here is being used to build up personal self confidence and ability to produce personas and characters.

Both James and Luke are over 18 and therefore can choose more adult themes and language if they wish.

Within the guidelines of my work I try never to censor scenes - within reason!

These examples are first or early takes and improvised from the basic scenario given. Learning scripts may come in time - for example with InvisAble Me - but here the whole point is to think on your feet and work together.

Please be aware of strong themes and language in this work